Who I am

 I am based out of the beautiful upper bluffs of NW Illinois. I’m married to an amazing man, Paul and we rescued the sweetest puppy, Waylon and have two kitties. I am a lover of all the puppies and kitties, iced coffee, wildflower fields, adventure camping from our van + traveling to see the world. I am a softy and will probably cry when you walk down the aisle.

 I have such a strong love for all of my couples and for all of the friendships created. I love capturing the raw emotions,  in-between moments, deep belly laughs and beautiful love. I want couples to feel the security and trust to truly be yourselves and I will take care of the rest. I will be the best friend you just met. 

 If your willing to take a walk off the beaten path, up for a fun adventure, will laugh with your lover + at my bad jokes then I think we will be a great fit!

Hope to work with you! 

xoxo, Jamie 

These are my people

Thank you so much for the visit!

Meet my precious little family, these are the ones that keep my heart so full and inspire me to pursue my passion in life. We live on a small farm out in the country and are so grateful for every minute of it. When I’m not capturing love stories, I’m working out in the garden, adventuring with Waylon in the fields or helping Paul feed cows. 


Why use the name, Weston Road Films?

Meaning behind the name

Our little farm has been standing since the 1800's. Many folks, farmers, miners and landowners have graced this area. They have sacrificed, harvested and poured their hearts in this land for years to make ends meet, to provide for their families and to live out their adventure & dreams.

Weston Road Films was inspired by the sacrifice, heart and beauty that’s here on Weston Road & we believe everything is possible.